Boost Your Mobile App Value


We have great news for you!

We are now offering an amazing new services to make sure your mobile app works for you the best it can.

We are now offering 2 services that will make your mobile app a great value to your business.

  1. A brand new dashboard with many tools you can use to maximize the business that your app provides. (more details below)
  2. An ongoing guidance and support to help maximize your Marketing, User Engagement and User Loyalty. (more details below)

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Brand New Dashboard

  • Access it any time online with a secured accounts system.
  • Full ability to change the content and add pages to your app. This will be done using a very simple editor (copy, paste, type etc…). Anyone can use it, just change it and click save and it is done.
  • A much more advanced push notification system, you can now edit a pop up message that will include, a nice image formatted text and even links. And you will be able to schedule push notifications so the system will send it on the time you selected.
  • Ability to see full analytics about your app usage, including how many people have download the app each day and how many people are using it each day
  • Marketing tools, including email blast feature, Facebook campaigns, Banners creator and much more
  • Free hosting
  • If you do not see value to this service you can stop it at any time (we really do not think it will happen)

Example screen shots:

Editor 6

Ongoing guidance, support and maintenance

Marketing, User Engagement and Loyalty

  • We will have ongoing calls and online meetings to boost your Mobile App value.
  • We will help you understand your user’s behavior to get more downloads (new users). Including Assistance with targeted promotion to boost your installs.
  • We will help you analyze your app analytics data and user’s behavior so you can maximize your app value. This way you can do what needed to get the users to buy more, fill out forms, call more and use your coupons and loyalty cards. So you will get more business.
  • We will teach you what are the best features to use on the app for your type of needs and how to use all the different app features to get more business and better user experience including consultation on coupon and loyalty cards best practices.
  • We will make security updates when ever they are needed (Android and IOS)
  • Sometimes there are changes in IOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…And those changes can cause crushes and errors on apps that was built before the changes. We follow this changes and fix the apps under the maintenance program accordingly so you be assured that any changes that will be in the future will not affect your app.
  • We will help you add new content or make changes on your app when needed.
  • If you do not see value to this service you can stop it at any time (we really do not think it will happen).

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Start Boosting Your Mobile App Value

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